A littlebird’s big dream

LuckyBird is determined to make as many people as possible as happy as possible.
LuckyBird knows that true recognition has little to do with an attractive wageand far more with what someone feels in his or her heart. What matters most is a moment of happiness or connection and the feeling that you truly mean something for the organisation you are working for.
Warm words and authentic appreciation strengthen mutual connection. And that is exactly why those 5 fun greeting cards, delivered withe very LuckyBird, come in so handy. A heartfelt compliment has the power to make anybody be am with pride. LuckyBird’s dream is to encourage as many people as possible to write and send out those greeting cards, triggering a true movement of joy.

LuckyBird’s story

A wonderfully beautiful birdsong has the power to delight anybody
Once upon a time, there lived a little bird somewhere in the stretched out woodlands on thecoutskirts of a big city. It sang the most beautiful birdsongs, touching each and everyone of the woodland’s inhabitants. From far and wide, animal scame to gather around to enjoy its most magnificent melodies. Soon, this special littlebird was given the name LuckyBird.
Making people happy too
One day, it came to LuckyBird’s ears that in the human world life was a little less lovely: many people the reseemed to feel unappreciated and lonely. It broke LuckyBird’s heart, hearing about this.And that is how LuckyBird decided to commit to making people happy too – with his talent to sing those magnificent melodies.
500.000 moments of joy
No sooner thought than done, LuckyBird left his cosy nest in his familiar woodland and ventured out into the whole wide world. For the last 10 years, this special little songbird has been usingits talent to delight people who cross its path. And people who don’t feel appreciated, start flourishing as a result of it.
But LuckyBird doesn’t manage all of this good work on his own. He is being assisted by a team of passionate and motivated friends. The people at Arteel.
No less than 500.000 employees have experienced LuckyBird’s warmth – the joy, connection and wonder his magnificent melodies bring about.
10 timesbigger
But LuckyBird’s dream is bigger than that! He wants to make even more people happy. And so, in the next 10 years, he is looking to spread his message to 10 times as many people.
Spread the Joy
In one of his absolute favourite spots – the birdhouse at the Langerodeponds in the Doode Beemde – LuckyBird is brooding on an ambitious plan. Together with his friends at Arteel, he decided to start the’Spread the Joy’-movement.
That is why every lucky recipient of a LuckyBird is given a little extra perk: 5 fun greetings cards to surprise others with. And for every greeting card, LuckyBird thinks of a loving message.
The more often LuckyBird gets to sing a song of joy, the happier he him self becomes.
Inspire people to make others happy. Feel gratitude for the talents they were given in life. And use those gifts to make the world a better place. That is LuckyBird’s mission.

‘Spread the Joy’ ambassadors

Organisations employing 150 people or more,who embark on the LuckyBird journey, are considered byus to be LuckyBird ambassadors. As a thank you token, they receive a free personalised ‘Spread the Joy’ mascot.
This mascot symbolises happy and hopeful employees. That is how we encourage conversations about friendliness and gratitude. In this way, too, our LuckyBird sends his message into the human world.

The Arteel Team

The Arteel Team makes for an enthusiastic LuckyBird partner. Arteel creates positive company cultures by helping organisations invest in appreciation and meaningful moments.
We contribute to turning this world into one beaming with happy employees.

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