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LuckyBird is unique in Belgium: thanks to the LuckyBird voucher, employees get access to the most lavish collection of gifts to choose from and to the most personalised.

Magical gift of choice

Thanks to the LuckyBird gift voucher, employees get to choose themselves whatever picks their fancy. They get to explore a wondrous world of branded goods, retail gift vouchers, exciting experiences and so much more. Available for every budget.


Available for every budget.

You can choose from a range of LuckyBird vouchers with a gift value of €25, €35, €40, €50 or any value higher than that.

The choice for employees

Thank your team at important moments in time


Birth or Baby Shower

Thank you

LuckyBird is the perfect CIY (Choose It Yourself) gift for onboarding, employee referral recruitment, years-of-service, moving on, retirement, administrative professionals day, no absence, promotion, occupational health &safety programs, sales incentive, moving in together or wedding celebrations, birth or baby shower, birthday, end-of-year or New Year.

A LuckyBird gift voucher in three steps


Company orders LuckyBird gift boxes or animated e-LuckyBirds.


Employee chooses his or her gift in a customised web shop.


LuckyBird delivers the employee’s gift of choice at his or her office or home address.

Three unique LuckyBird characteristics


Belgium’s most extensive
range of gifts

LuckyBird is unique in Belgium. Employees get to choose out of an online catalogue with branded gifts, fun outings, retail gift vouchers, concert tickets,chocolate, wine, charity vouchers and so much more …

Most personal

LuckyBird ensures a true moment of connection with your employees. Their first name printed on the LuckyBird gift box, a personal welcome message on the website, a fun video message and personalised gifts.


You make a couple of simple choices. After that, LuckyBird takes care of all the rest: communication, personalisation, website, order, delivery, administrationand customer service.

100% satisfaction guarantee

LuckyBird won’t rest until everybody is happy. Does the chosen gift or experience not meet your employee’s expectations? Then LuckyBird commits to doing everything in its power to put a smile on your employee’s face, even if that means offering the chance to pick another gift!

Fiscal benefits

LuckyBird is the most fiscally friendly gift voucher around when it comes to direct taxes, VAT and social security benefits.

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LuckyBird success stories

Katrien Van Esser

HR director, Accent


Jules Noten

CEO Vandemoortele


Jan Van Acoleyen

Chief HR Officer, Proximus


Peggy Huyck

Manager HR & Facility, Alphabet Belgium


Stephane Gilles

HR director, G4S


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LuckyBird’s big dream

Together with you, LuckyBird wants to change our corporate world for the better.

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